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I just had the perfect weekend

The past weekend, I had what I’d like to call the perfect weekend… I really think there is not much to top this. The reason why I want to make this post is to inspire you to enjoy your own weekend, but also so that I can remember for myself. And next time I don’t have any plans, I’ll go back and do it all over again.

Starting without plans and just take it spontaneously

One of the best feelings is the feeling of not having to do anything. When you literally have nothing weighing on your shoulders, and you can just wake up refreshed. The first thing that I really love is when I can go to bed and I don’t have to put on an alarm for the next day. I got my 8 hours of sleep and felt really refreshed. That is something I really try to do in the weekend.

I started my day with a nice shower and I took the time to scrub my whole body and putting on body lotion all over. I rarely take the time to do that, so it feels like a luxury when I actually prioritize that.

Meeting up some friends for brunch

I have a couple of friends that are very spontaneous, like me… So when I texted them and asked if they wanted to meet for brunch in an hour, they both said yes. We met at a cute brunch place that we loved and ordered delicious food and coffee. Something I enjoy so much with those girls is that I can really talk with them about anything.

Because of that, we talked for hours! Haha, so typical us. After that, we went on a little round of shopping, and I purchased a couple of goodies and my favorite face cream that needed a refill. As you know I love shopping. What a weekend! 

Remember to book a table – it’s the weekend

I already had plans with another friend to go for sushi that night, so I was pumped. I always love to go out to eat during the weekend. I actually put in an effort in making my makeup look extra good. I purchased a shimmer oil earlier in the day, so I put that on my arms and legs. I was ready! I was wearing my LBD – the little black dress – and I felt good.

Combined with a pair of pumps, I was ready for food. We had a lovely night with sooo much sushi and great wine. After the food, we went to a bar for a cocktail as well. Did somebody say, Pornstar Martini? Yum! My favorite drink.

sushi in the weekend

A Sunday full of relaxation

On Sunday I slept until I woke up. After that, I made some light breakfast that I had in bed. Typical weekend. I watched a lot of Netflix, without feeling bad. I must admit that I was a bit tired after the night before. But a good kind of tired. I did a complete skincare routine that afternoon and prepped my face for the new week.

I tried a new facemask that I purchased the day before. It was a glow mask with pineapple extracts, and it made my skin really pop. I always try to do a real skincare regimen at least one of the days during the weekend. It’s when I finally have the time to do that… So I have to take advantage of that.