Window shopping is one of my favorite activities
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Window shopping is one of my favorite activities

I love window shopping. I mean, I love regular shopping too of course but those days I just want to pass the time I love it. It’s one of my favorite activities even before I go shopping! If I know that I have a party on Saturday then I just love strolling around town to see what’s out there.

I even love window shopping for sweets! Cupcakes – yum!

I don’t always want to spend days in the store to find the right outfit. Sure, online shopping is awesome (too awesome ?) but I still like seeing the clothes in front of me, you know? I love window shopping dresses, shoes, jewelry, bags – even cakes!

A little secret about me? Window shopping cupcakes or other sweets are my favorite kind. The more colorful, the better! Oh, chocolate, strawberry, cheesecake, cakes with whipped cream – I mean yum! I’m not sure if anyone else does it too or if it’s a weird thing that I have lol!

It’s not that I don’t eat sweets but honestly if I would do that every day then my body wouldn’t feel so good. So instead I explore and see what kind of sweets are out there. It just brightens my days, you know? And when I’m ready for that cake then I know exactly where to go!

Window shopping sweets

It raises my mood on the cloudy days

Okay, so I’m pretty carefree and bubbly by nature. I’m all over the fun that goes around everywhere. So naturally, I have a lot of activities that I enjoy. It’s just that window shopping brings me so much joy. I also discovered that it’s actually a good way to save some money, you know?

I mean, I love shopping for clothes and food and have no issues with spending money. It’s fun! Life is for living and what you wear should make you feel good! At least for me, when I wear my clothes, they can totally make me happier.

Window shopping is like that for me too. It makes me happier without having to go bananas with my card. Just the other day, I was in a weird mood. I decided to go outside anyway and make it fun. I don’t like sitting and moping around the house. So I put on some nice clothes and decided to head to the center. When I immediately saw the windows filled with clothes and the bakeries filled with cakes, I felt happier instantly!

I’m telling you, try it! As I walked around and looked into the windows, I saw so many nice clothes! One dress in particular caught my eye. It was light blue, loose, and long to the knees. With it was a decorated necklace in golden tones. Oh, I know where that one is going. I have a party coming up soon and it would be a perfect fit!

I still have some window shopping to do before I decide though.

And then when I saw the delicious cakes in one of the bakeries all in different colors – I was even happier. I think I might even arrange a little gathering soon with some of those cakes. Ooooh, yes! I definitely want to do that!

So after a day like this, who can be in a bad mood, right?