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Things I love and miss about the 90’s!

I was only a child when the great 90’s ended, but I still remember quite a lot. Still, cherish my childhood toys and memories. I had an awesome Furby, named Furby (obviously) he was my best bud, along with my Simba plush toy. Not to mention all the great music, and the inspiring lyrics such as “Hit me, baby, one more time”. Those were the days! Here are some of the things I miss the most! 

Nothing was cooler in the 90’s than having a collection of trolls! 

Trolls were my jam back in the 90’s! I had a huge collection of trolls with all kinds of crazy hair. Why did I need so many of them? I still don’t know to this date, but apparently I still need them. When my parents called me a few years ago while having a spring cleaning session. They asked me if they could get rid of them, to make more room. I told them firmly “NO!” They obviously still have some sort of magical hold of me. Bring back the 90's!

Even as a child in the 90’s I had a great talent for watching TV!

As an adult, I’ve found it easy to obsess over TV shows, like “Game of Thrones” or “The Office”. But clearly I find this easy, after all the practice I had as a child. Because there was nothing that could stop me or keep me away from watching my series back then! My two favorite TV shows were “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “Charmed”. I must have had a thing for witches! Or maybe I just wished I had magic powers as well? Must have been more people missing these shows. After all, both of these shows have recently gotten a remake. Haven’t seen any of them yet, but maybe I should take a look? 

I brought my Polly Pocket with me everywhere, always! 

As long as all the pieces were still there, they were so tiny that you easily could lose them. There were so many versions of these. Little playhouses that could fit inside of your hand. I can still picture myself sitting on the floor, playing with my dear Polly Pocket. From the cassette player, all I can hear is “tell me what you want, what you really really want!” I might personally prefer other types of entertainment nowadays, but nothing can compare to catchy tunes in Buffalo shoes!

 90's music is awesome!

Living in a world without social media and smartphones. 

I think a reason why a lot of people miss the 90’s, is that when looking back, it seems like a simpler time. A time without any Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or smartphones. When a friend called me, I would use the landline – plugged into the wall. We didn’t have the stress that comes with constant notifications. With the rise of technology, we have gotten so many great things. But a lot if it, for many people, can lead to stress. Thinking about a time period before this existed, could be a pleasant memory. What do you miss most about the 90’s?