Weekend vibes

Weekend with friends and a trip to the spa!

I honestly couldn’t wait for this weekend! I could feel it deep in my bones, I needed it. Work has been really stressful recently, and I just couldn’t shake this feeling that I needed to chill. Like, I needed to do nothing, or just relax completely.  So what could be better than a weekend with my girls! With awesome food, drinks and to top it all off, the spa!

Was so happy to be done at work on Friday, just a chill weekend ahead of me! 

Met up with my friends, Emma and Tara on Friday evening. Went to a restaurant I hadn’t been to before, close to the center. I swear, it was the best Indian food I have ever had! I am so going back there again! We sat there long after the dinner was done, and just talked and talked. After we went to a bar close by after and had some yummy cocktails.

Ended up talking about all the things we missed from the ’90s, maybe this came up because I recently wrote about the decade. Such a fun topic to talk about, memories just came pouring out. Knowing we had plans for the day after, we left the bar not too late. A perfect evening in my eyes. Got home and watched Netflix in bed till I fell asleep.

Haven’t had a massage or been to the spa for over 6 months, I needed this! 

Needed a weekend massage

Such an amazing feeling, waking up without an alarm buzzing in your ear. Knowing you have time to sit and have a cup of tea in the morning, without the rush. Ah! Saturday mornings, perfection! Opening up all the windows, letting the sunshine in. Feeling like I can breathe and take my time. Made myself an avocado sandwich, sat on the balcony, and just took my time. Felt so lovely. Got ready a little later, and met Tara who came in a car. Picked up Emma on the way, and to the spa, we went! Had the most wonderful aromatherapy massage, and it left me feeling like a brand new person. Days later, and I still feel the relaxing benefits. 

Sunday, Funday, sleep till noon day! 

Such a great day at the spa and night spent drinking wine and gossiping about nothing and everything. Slept in on Sunday morning, and spent the rest of the day just chilling at home. Did some laundry I was behind on, but besides that, I just relaxed. Caught up on my TV shows, and ate too much chocolate. Even did some online shopping, I must admit! Got myself two new skirts from here. Perfect Sunday, to recharge the batteries for the week ahead. 

Weekend and a cup of tea

Don’t you feel like you sometimes just need that time for yourself? What do you do to recharge your batteries? I feel like self-care is so important, but also so easy to forget. When trying to combine work, friends, family, and other activities, sometimes you lose yourself in the middle of it all. If so, I find it necessary to schedule in some me-time. Those plans are then set in stone.

Remember, you can’t take care of everything else unless you take care of yourself first! This weekend, make yourself the priority!