Calisthenics exercise

Calisthenics – working out using your own body weight

There are many ways to get a good workout. I really love the idea behind doing calisthenics exercises because they only rely on one simple tool – your own body! This type of workout requires very limited equipment – if any – and you can still get great results. 

These days there are many different tools and accessories available when working out. They can make your work out better and adapt the level and execution to your personal needs. However, I also really love doing calisthenics which basically just means that you use your own body weight as your main tool. This form of exercise feels very natural and it can be safer to perform since you will not end up straining yourself with weights that are too heavy or other equipment that can be dangerous when using them wrong.  It is simple, easy and inexpensive – the only thing you need is comfortable work out clothing and perhaps an exercise mat.

My favorite calisthenics exercises

Since the options are endless, I will share a few of my favorites. Hopefully, they can serve as inspiration. They are also very appropriate if you are traveling since you can do them from basically everywhere in the world! Click here to read more about my travels.

The plank

the plank

The simple exercise named the plank is a great example. This exercise strengthens your core and works with many muscle groups. You simply place your elbows and toes on the floor so that the rest of your body forms a straight line. You then hold this position as long as possible. If it is your first time doing it, you can start with 30-45 seconds and gradually add more time each time you do it. Try to clear your mind and focus 100% on your body.


woman yoga Calisthenics

Now, yoga is many things, but most of the traditional yoga poses do not require any equipment and are a great example of calisthenics. If you are looking to really stretch your muscles yoga is great. This is also the case if you want to de-stress and work towards a more meditative state. There is a misconception that yoga is only for relaxation – this is not the case and you find a variety of poses that strengthen your muscles and improve your flexibility. If you work towards more advanced yoga poses that require great balance and focus you will get a sense of achievement once you master the art!
You can check this page for more inspiration.


chin-up Calisthenics

With chin-ups, you do need a bar from which you pull your self up. Depending on your house, you may already have a bar-shaped structure or similar. Otherwise, you can buy one. If you are lucky and live near an outdoor gym, this is very typical equipment there. If you are starting from scratch you can begin standing on something so that you gradually work your way there. This strategy worked great for me and I am almost able to pull myself up!  You will feel really strong once you get better and better. Don’t forget to have fun with your calisthenics!