The Grand Canyon something everyone should see.

The Grand Canyon: something everyone should see

The Grand Canyon is probably one of the most famous spots in the whole world! There is absolutely nothing that can compare to this natural phenomenon and it is something that you need to experience for yourself to really understand.

A wonderful sight

I loved traveling to the Grand Canyon. I think it’s a place that everyone should see at least once in their life! It is quite impossible to actually explain the grandeur of the Grand Canyon.

Sure it’s packed with tourists and everyone has been there but there is a reason for it. During my trip I actually went there twice. I bought an access pass that allowed me to visit as many times as I wanted for a week and I had to take advantage of it! As I had hired a car this was the best option! 

I opted for the easy access south rim which offers more than one great viewpoint! Bring your walking shoes as you will be walking a lot. But you can also jump on a bus that will take you to the points further out if you want. Also, don’t forget your camera! You will be amazed at every step you take!   

The Grand Canyon something everyone should see. Breathteaking views. Bring your walking shoes and visit the south rim.

The magical sunrise at the Grand Canyon

I decided to go to the canyon for sunrise one of the days. Waking up at 4 am and going out in the freezing weather was a bit hard. I then had an hour’s drive before arriving at The Grand Canyon. But the effort was so worth it! I have never seen anything as beautiful as the sight I got to experience when the sun just started rising. It was a magical moment. If there is one point during the day you should experience the Grand Canyon it is definitely at sunrise

Don’t get me wrong, of course it will be amazing at any time so go there whenever it suits you best. I also visited during the day and there were more people around. This was not a problem but at times and certain spots, it got a bit crowded. It is so worth seeing it at different times as the colours are not at all the same during the day! 

The only thing I regret is not being able to visit during the sunset as I think this would have been almost as amazing as the sunrise! Next time! I feel as though I’m not really done exploring and want to see more!   

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Other places worth visiting in the area

My main plan for spending time in that particular part of Arizona was of course the Grand Canyon but I found another place which I fell in love with! A small town called Flagstaff. This is where I stayed while visiting the canyon and it was perfect. Only about 1-hour drive from the canyon and so easy to get around. It’s a small town with a very cute city center with lots of small shops and restaurants! I would love to come back here during winter when there’s snow and have a hot cocoa to finish off a day of exploring the town. Read more about the perfect gateway to the Grand Canyon here

To sum up, the Grand Canyon is a wonderful site created by nature that I personally believe everyone should see! There is nothing quite like it. But don’t forget the surrounding area, there are plenty of nice things to explore even there. 

I hope you also get to see this amazing place with breathtaking views if you haven’t already!