My best travel tips for Rome

My best travel tips for Rome

4 years ago me and a good friend of mine traveled to Italy, Rome. We stayed there for a week. What an amazing vacation and city! When ordering the hotel, we made sure it was close to the center and all the main tourist attractions. Booked the hotel here, and found it very easy to find the perfect hotel for us. So much culture and history to observe. Regardless of where I looked and turned my head, there was something that seemed Insta-worthy. The Colosseum, snap! The Trevi Fountain, snap! St. Peter’s Square, snap! I was using my battery quicker than a kid watching all the versions of Baby Shark he can find. These are the must-sees while you’re in Rome. A spectacular city, that requires more than one visit to truly experience it. I hope to return as soon as possible.

A visit to The Colosseum is a must for any tourist in Rome

The Colosseum in Rome

This gigantic, massive, and mesmerizing amphitheater will take your breath away. Regardless of how many times you’ve seen The Colosseum on TV or history books, actually seeing it will send shockwaves through your body. In other words, definitely worth a visit! 57 meters tall, and over 2000 years old. For over 500 years The Colosseum was “open for business”, a gruesome theater putting animals and prisoners against each other. Now a tourist destination, where you can enjoy a gelato while taking a selfie.

St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City

Possibly the most incredible square in the world. In the center of Rome, you find the Vatican City, an independent city and the smallest city in the world. The ruler of this city is the Pope, Pope Francis. We ended up taking a taxi here. Was told that you can easily find your way there using the Metro, but we were not able to figure out how that worked. Without a doubt, worth the extra euros. Spectacular and overwhelming. No other words would do St. Peter’s Square justice. I almost felt like I was in a Dan Brown novel

St. Peter's Square in Rome

The magical Trevi Fountain 

The image of the Trevi Fountain has always been this kind of magical vision. The light reflecting over it, the sounds from the square around, and the feeling of being in the heart of Rome. Maybe the word magic comes to mind, because of all the myths surrounding the fountain. When I was there, I was happy to partake. I threw one coin with my right hand over my left shoulder into the fountain. This is supposed to mean that I will at one point return back to Rome. Two coins mean that you will fall in love with a beautiful Italian. Tree coins and you will end up getting married to the person that you met! The money collected from the fountain goes to charity. So it’s a win-win for everyone. 

Have you been to Rome? Do you have any travel tips that I didn’t mention? 

I would love to get your advice on what to do in Rome. I did throw the coin, so I will return. What should I do, what should I see? I bet there are so many more locations for me to explore in Rome! I can’t wait!