Travel and packing tips!

Here are my best travel and packing tips!

I have traveled quite a bit in my life, and I always think the packing is going to go easy. There’s just a couple of things I need to bring, right? The same thing always happens. Where is my passport? Did I pack that dress? Time to rush to the airport, and I’m sitting there with a suitcase that’s way too packed. Clothes I probably never will use on vacation and more makeup than I normally wear (but what if there is a makeup emergency!?) Anyway, because of this, I figured I needed some packing and travel tips! I actually did put these tips to good use the last time I traveled, so now I’m here to share them with you! 

Start with making a packing list before you travel

Before you travel

Before you travel, write down everything that you need to bring with you. Passport, chargers, clothes, extra underwear, makeup, etc. After everything is packed, go through the list and make sure nothing has been forgotten. Basically, this is a checklist. 

The good thing about making a list is that you become more aware. You start to think “do I really need to bring these flamingo covered shorts to a snowy mountain?” In other words, making a list and being prepared ahead of time made me pack smarter. 

Remember to pack your hand luggage wisely. You don’t want to be sitting on the plain, then realizing you forgot your headphones or your iPad. Your hand luggage should be a separate part of your packing list. 

“They see me rollin”… my clothes up! 

Maybe my all-time favorite packing tip! Don’t fold your clothes when placing them into the suitcase, roll them! It takes up so much less space in comparison to folding. The only exception is big and bulky sweaters and jackets, these should still be folded. But all other items, such as skirts, t-shirts, dresses and alike – roll away!

This also makes it less likely for the clothes to get wrinkles or creases while laying in the suitcase. Last time I used this method it worked like a charm! I love to travel, here you can read about one of my favorite trips ever! 

travel maps

Pack logically! 

Will you actually use all the items you have packed? Think it through! If you’ve just packed 3-4 shirts you don’t normally wear, why would you all of a sudden want to wear them on vacation? This has been my issue. I always bring too much, and then I shop while on vacation, making the suitcase almost impossible to pack for the return home.

Try bringing items that don’t take up too much space, and at the same time could be useful. If you’re going somewhere warm, a sarong would be ideal! Takes no space, weighs nothing, and is super versatile. Speaking of, I recently bought a new sarong from here. So that is ready for my next trip!  

Think of the climate you are going to, and try to plan your outfits! I know this can be hard, as you won’t know all your plans in advance. That is why it’s practical to bring some extra basics just in case. Something that always will work. A plain t-shirt and a skirt for example. 

For me, I felt a huge difference in my packing when I started to plan before my trip. Before I would just throw everything into the suitcase the night before, is this what they call growing up?