Mrs Hinch – cleaning guru & social media influencer

Mrs Hinch has become an overnight sensation with 3.8 million followers through sharing her cleaning tips. Everyday tasks such as cleaning can be such a bore! Like most girls in my 20s, it is my least favorite chore. If I was fortunate enough to have a lifestyle like the Kardashians then I would certainly pay someone to do it for me. I’m sure you can relate?

Cleanfluencer inspired by Mrs Hinch


The first time I ever heard about Mrs Hinch, a friend recommended a product called ‘The Pink Stuff’ and she swore that this was one of the best available products on the market. Why?… because Mrs Hinch has every confidence in it!

It has been reported that within the first 6 months after this product first appeared on the influencer’s Instagram page, sales increased by 350%! This made me think even more about what power influencers have today. Maybe I should rethink my own career path.

From Mrs Hinch to ‘cleanfluencer’… a story of great success.

With most Instagram influencers creating trends through means of fashion, beauty products, music, fitness, amongst an array of many other talents, cleaning is generally not considered as one of the most searched topics on social media. Although if you are off on your travels and haven’t had a clear our in a while, be sure to check out my previous post here.

This is the reason why I find it so fascinating that one purposeless day, one woman had an idea… to share her cleaning tips with the world. Little by little, we all feel delighted when we have a few more followers on Instagram and the most popular amongst us, may reach a few 1,000 followers, let’s say. Now imagine if you had millions of followers and rumored earnings of up to £6,500 per post on Instagram. Your life would never be as you knew it before.

Me working on my social media

How much power do social media influencers really hold?

If you are yet to hear about Mrs Hinch, have you been hiding away this past year? I haven’t yet stressed enough about her influence on the popularity of the products she promotes. Not only have sales increased dramatically. These products are now so popular that if they are out of stock, there is no need to worry. You will be able to purchase them on eBay selling for 100x the original price. Although I am not proud to admit it, I have been there myself, running from store to store searching for this miraculous product.

We have all heard about changing seasonal trends within the interior design industry. Now suddenly wax melts, pine-scented products, or tealights are the new trends for autumn 2020. Before Mrs Hinch, this idea would have been nonsense. Her ideas have earned her more than £2 million from sponsorship deals, and sales from her own book!

With an army of ‘Hinchers’ (also known as followers of Mrs Hinch, yes they even have their own title), she has become a star through creating a niche in the market with no connections to any other influencer, she earnt this popularity and in my opinion, deserves all the fortune that comes with becoming a ‘cleanfluencer’.