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My favorite detective series of all time!

A long time ago I was recommended to see a detective series named “Monk”. To be completely honest I didn’t really want to see it as it seemed really old, but I gave it a chance and now it is one of my favourite series!

What the detective series Monk is really about

So from the start of the detective series Monk we get to know a very special man named Adrian. He has been through the worst thing you can ever imagine. His wife Trudy died in a car bomb. Nobody knows who and why someone wanted to kill his beloved Trudy, as she was a kind and loving journalist, married to a detective and living a happy life. 

Adrian Monk really wants to know what happened to his late wife. He is the best detective in the world, or at least in San Francisco. However he is not able to solve the death of his own wife.

Why Adrian Monk is a special detective

The special and different thing about Adrian Monk is that he can solve the most difficult cases. In his head everything from A leads to B, and if for some reasons there is something in a crime scene that doesn’t match up, he would never stop thinking and analyzing why something wouldn’t give a logical explanation. 

Magnifying glass for a detective

His personal issues and weirdnesses

Throughout all of the series of several seasons we little by little get to know Adrian Monk personally. Even though he has a lot of personal issues and weirdnesses, all of these are very funny and entertaining. 

One example without giving away too many spoilers is that he is afraid of germs! Well, almost everyone is a bit afraid of germs, but Adrian Monk cannot even give his hand and greet a new person! Every time he touches somebody or somebody touches him, he must ask for a wipe from his assistant!

His assistant and the two other policemen in the serie

Since Adrian Monk has a bit of a special personality, he first contracts a nurse, but since it is a bit embarrassing having a nurse and referring to being sick.. He renames his nurse to being his assistant! His assistant is the most patient person in the world, she looks up to Mr. Monk and carefully takes care of him at all times. She makes sure he eats breakfast and has all of his materials needed in order to solve the difficult cases, including endless wipes.

Additionally, there are two hilarious policemen throughout the episodes and all seasons. They work together, and they are so different. Actually they are the typical oppositions in a comedy series, however everything that happens to them seems so natural and true! Creating such an easygoing atmosphere and entertaining show. If you feel like reading, instead of watching TV. Here are some novels you might enjoy, if you like mysteries and crime! 

Favorite detective series

Such old and amazing detective series

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, I really didn’t want to see this old detective slash comedy series. But I am very glad I did! It has been hilarious and ending my days just perfect with a good laugh. I can really recommend this to anyone that enjoys laughter! Take a look here to read more about this.