Bly Manor.
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Bly Manor: the chilling horror story is finally here! 

I’ve been waiting patiently for two whole years for a new season of Haunting of Hill House and now it’s finally here! I love horror movies and TV shows and so far I’ve only seen a couple of episodes but I’m already hooked, so Bly Manor looks promising! It’s seriously creepy and very scary, just what I love. 

I’m not the only one that has been waiting for this to arrive. There’s been a lot of buzz about it. Many people seem to be very impressed while others are not as hooked.  

Bly Manor – perfect for this scary season

Netflix has definitely chosen the best time of the year to release Bly Manor just before Halloween and when the nights are getting darker.. The perfect setting for a successful launch and to get people in the right mood. 

We get to follow a new family in a new house in this series. And to be honest I was a little bit sceptical as I absolutely loved Hill House. But I’m actually very impressed. The director has managed to make things so creepy. You can almost feel how evil the spirits and ghosts in this house are. 

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The Haunting of Bly Manor is the new long awaited series from Netflix and from the created of Hill House. A horror story that give syou the chills and just the tight amount of scary, according to me. Critics are not very impressed but the viewers are, a lot of people have said they find it very scary which is of course one of the main purposes for a horror story.

The horror story of the Haunting at Bly Manor

The story of Bly Manor starts when a young governess arrives at the estate to take care of the niece and nephew of the owner as they fall under his care. The house is located in the English countryside and soon as she arrives she realizes that strange things are happening. 

There are plenty of scary dark corners and long dark corridors in Bly Manor that really keep you on your toes! It’s almost as you are there yourself, at least in my opinion. And this is what makes it so good.

Not everyone agrees with my opinion

This series has gotten a lot of positive feedback from viewers like me who think they have done a great job and managed to make Bly Manor well scary

But many critics are not impressed as they seem to think that it’s not scary enough or that they have failed to make it as good as the book which the story is based on, The turn of the Screw. I don’t compare the TV show to the book. And I think most people don’t so that’s probably the reason why us viewers have a good opinion about it.

What we all seem to agree on is that the performance by Benjamin Ainsworth who is playing the nephew Miles is doing an excellent job! His performance is on the same level as the little boy in the Omen which I think says a lot! 

However, I can’t wait to see the rest of the season. I’m pretty sure I’ll be almost as impressed after seeing it as I was with Hill House. I should probably mention that i don’t get scared easily but Bly Manor really gives me goosebumps. So I’d say that if you are a bit sensitive you might want to have some company when watching it.