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Most popular trends created on TikTok

Having spent so many hours, days, maybe even weeks on TikTok thanks to local lockdowns last year, I was addicted. Having said that, I am sure that I am not just speaking for myself here. With over 800 million subscribers worldwide, TikTok became the most downloaded app in 2020. Basically being home so often and having more free time than ever, led us to video ourselves doing some quite crazy things. Dance routines, pranks, trying out new cooking recipes, and tricks, we tried it all! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular 15-second videos shared on our favourite global app.

When ‘Savage’ became a sensation

Without a doubt, if you have TikTok, you would have seen endless videos of the dance routine to Jason Derulo’s number 1 hit ‘Savage Love’. This provides just one example of how one video can sweep over the globe and quickly become a success. It began with one 19-year-old girl from Ohio creating the dance routine. Then her followers mimicked her moves, followed by their followers, and fast forward until today when everyone from a celebrity, to an influencer, to your neighbour, has got their groove on to Savage Love. Such influence was recently criticized in Netflix’s series ‘The Social Dilemma’. Though in truth, how beautiful it is. That during a time that we all felt disconnected and apart from one another, somehow we were able to unite people from all different walks of life, through dance.

Popular Trends TikTok App Dance

Challenge no1: TikTok’s ‘Don’t Rush’

Firstly, this is somewhat harder than it appears to be. How do I know? Of course, I tried it and failed miserably! To complete this challenge, you first need to take a video of yourself in average daywear, loungewear, or pajamas. At any rate, the look should be more of a ‘dress down’ style, and without makeup, if you’re brave enough. Like the ‘Savage Love’ video above, this also has a soundtrack – the song “Don’t Rush” by Young T & Bugsey. So you need to play this song whilst showing off your ‘at home’ look. Second to that, you hold a makeup brush in one hand, and cover your phone camera with it.

Next, comes the transformation! During the second part of your video, you will again cover the makeup brush to the camera but this time you’ll be dressed up to the nines! With a full face of makeup, cute outfit, and hair looking fabulous. Now, it’s time for your debut. You appear back on camera, looking like a different version of yourself. Whilst the complete video gives the impression that you get ready in seconds, we all know that is far from the truth. Despite the amount of time it takes to make this video, I personally love to see how different people look! It truly is amazing what a difference makeup & hair can do to restyle your look. But remember, they only enhance your naturally beautiful self.

Popular Trends TikTok App Make Over

TikTok challenge no2: ‘Cinderella’

In a similar fashion, we also have the Cinderella challenge where instead of using the makeup brush, people will pretend to wave a wand like Cinderella’s godmother did for her, and then in a cloud of smoke, they have transformed themselves. Although unlike Cinderella, females of TikTok did take it to the next level and dressed in more seductive outfits. Why? To get more followers of course! This is social media, after all. In addition to this trend, we also have the shoe flip challenge where in place of waving a wand like a princess or using a makeup brush, you flip a shoe into the air. As you can imagine, this trend has been embraced by males, who don’t wish to act out the princess look.

TikTok – What’s the next trend

What I love the most about TikTok is how anyone can start a trend. As we have seen, it could be 19-year-old Keara Wilson from Ohio, or it could be you. If you are looking for TikTok fame, try out live-streaming a video, or take part in the latest trend to show your weight gain from the beginning of 2020 to today. Unfortunately, I’m sure that we can all do that, ha! As an alternative, cut a pair of your UGG boots into slippers. Yep, believe it or not, that’s also a trend for the new year. If we haven’t seen it already, it is all happening in 2021. Stay tuned!