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Relationship therapy from author Pierre Alex Jeanty

Pierre Alex Jeanty began his journey of reaching out to both men and women back in 2014. If you haven’t heard about Pierre Alex Jeanty then I encourage you to read one of his books. Perfect for those of you who are seeking guidance with regards to dating, love, & relationships. The author set out on a quest to inspire men to become better and to be a voice of hope to women who have lost faith in good men. Let us take a look at some of his most distinguished titles.

International bestseller: HER

Whilst I am a big fan of fiction novels, such as the ones by Liane Moriarty, there is just something different about the way in which Pierre Alex Jeanty writes. Unlike any other I have come across before, this author uses a collection of poetry, self-love quotes, and prose, to register with the reader.

Pierre Alex Jeanty Books Self Love Quotess

His bestselling book, HER, focuses on understanding women. Of course, no easy task. It is no secret that women are complicated beings. To understand the mind of a woman is to master the Rubix cube. On the whole, this book focuses on self-love, dealing with hurt, & worth. If you have recently come out of a relationship and are experiencing all kinds of emotions, there will be a quote that speaks to you. For me, I felt like the author knew everything that I was going through. Yet, this is someone who knows nothing of my story. Pierre Alex Jeanty has a way of reaching out to the reader, like no other.

To the Women I Once Loved by Pierre Alex Jeanty

Contrary to the above novel, ‘To the Women I Once Loved’ offers a different perspective on love. Here, he writes from his viewpoint with regards to his feelings towards past relationships. A book for men to reflect. In sum, the scripts within this book help us to understand that we are a result of all those who we have loved before. More than this, it is a book that allows us to reflect on how we are as a person, and how this has an effect on the one we love. For once, a man is admitting where he went wrong in his past. A rarity, worth investing your time into.

Pierre Alex Jeanty Books Relationships Love

Looking at things through his eyes – HIM

Generally, there is so much pressure on men to be strong & fierce. However, men also have feelings. The subsequent novel, after HER & HER vol. 2, brings to light the feelings that men often try to play down. For me, this helped me to give thought to how the opposite sexes are portrayed. Most importantly, women are no more innocent than men. While men often don’t tell us how they are feeling, this book allows us to delve into the masked world of how men really feel in relationships.

Pierre Alex Jeanty does it a second time – HER vol. 2

Her vol.2 acknowledges that with love & relationships, not everything is sunshine and rainbows, We, as humans, experience hurt, distrust, and all challenging emotions. Love is a risk we take because we hope it will make us happy. Whereas volume 1 gave me faith, volume 2 explores the woes of love. This book will help you to accept the previous hurt you experienced. Yet it ensures that you know your worth, and will find love again. As Pierre Alex Jeanty writes, “If you let the ghost of your past scare the life out of a new relationship, it will haunt you.”

If you would like to have a taste of Pierre Alex Jeanty’s material, read his online blog, which features small snippets of his words.