The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma – is this our reality?

OK so I have to admit that I am guilty of using my phone waaaay too much. But I think we all are guilty of this. Sometimes we spend hours just scrolling through social media without realizing it. And it’s a bit scary in my opinion. A few weeks ago I watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix and it was an eye opener! 

This movie documentary was released in late August and has had a lot of buzz around it and I can totally see why. 

Is this really our reality?

The Social Dilemma is a documentary that compiles interviews with former employees of large tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Instagram. It also shows the story of a family and how they are affected by today’s technology. 

What they all seem to agree on is that the tech world controls a lot of what we do today. And that all the big companies are focused on is profit over the wellbeing of the population. 

According to The Social Dilemma we are kind of losing our own way of thinking and are guided only by technology. The large companies are ever evolving and are creating more and more advanced algorithms to keep us all relying on technology. 

The Social Dilemma is a conversation starter for sure, and so is Netflix TV show Tiger King! 

The Social Dilemma. The Netflix movie documentary that has the world talking gives a new perspective on social media and technolog. The tech comapnies only care about profit and not the wellbeing of humanity.

What do the critics say about The Social Dilemma? 

Many people seem to have a very strong opinion about this movie. Especially about how much truth there really is in it. We will never know the exact answer to this but to some extent it is definitely true that we are influenced by social media and encouraged to keep scrolling as The Social Dilemma mentions.  

Critics also seem to have a bit of an issue relying solely on the information provided in this movie. They claim it only shows one side of the story. But others do also mention that many of the interviewees actually point out repeatedly that technology is a great thing but that we need to change the way it is approached. Because if we continue in the same direction we will no longer be in charge of our own feelings or actions anymore. 

My opinion about the Social Dilemma

This was probably the most interesting 1h 30 min I have had in a long time. Even if the facts are exaggerated (I don’t know if they are) I think it gives us all some perspective and insight in how we are actually behaving. And also of course on how much we use our phones and other technological devices. 

For me it has been an eye opener. I’m trying to create new habits for myself where I let my phone rest and so far it’s working well. 

Whether you have a positive opinion or not about The Social Dilemma it still gives us a lot to think about and I think we really need this

If you haven’t already seen it I do recommend that you take some time and check it out on Netflix. It’s crazy how the world works today and also super interesting.