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Lupin: the success of the new Netflix show

What a show! New Netflix’s series Lupin has become an absolute hit! The French show, broadcasted at the beginning of the month for the first time on Netflix, has been welcomed by the spectators in the best way possible. It is actually one of the strongest success of Netflix’s history. But who exactly is Arsène Lupin and how has the show become so famous?

Who is Arsène Lupin, the gentleman burglar?

Arsène Lupin is a fictional character invented by the French writer Maurice Leblanc (1864-1941). The first book of his adventures was published in 1905. Born in 1874 next to the river Seine, Arsène has multiple names. He is indeed a master in the art of changing identity. He will spend his life robbing rich people and that is why he will inherit the name of the gentleman burglar, the honest robber. Why? All he wants is to avenge the injustice caused to his father when he was just a kid, by a wealthy family. Check out this wonderful show on Netflix!

The incredible casting

Do we have to present Omar Sy to you? Incredibly famous, he is of course the star of the world success The Intouchables, where he plays the role of an immigrant who takes care of a disabled wealthy man. He actually won the César for Best Actor. But not only: he also played in movies such as The Call of the Wild with Harrison Ford, or even Jurassic World.

As well as Omar Sy, the show is starring other famous actors such as Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme, or Nicole Garcia.

It then makes an incredible casting for an incredible show! All of them fit perfectly into their own character, and it could not have been better.

The story

Lupin and the necklace

Inspired by Arsène Lupin, Assane Diop lives in Paris and is in his 30s. All he wants is to avenge his father. He will then trick people, and even the police, robbing jewels for example. Assane is in a difficult situation as well with his ex-partner and his son, whom he does not spend enough time.

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Why is Lupin so good?

A mix of mystery, humor, and a charismatic frame. Add to these ingredients good actors and producers, and you have the perfect cocktail for a successful show! The budget for the show is obviously huge, therefore the costumes and sceneries are beautiful. The flashbacks are also really interesting and add good background to the story: it helps us understand what happened to Lupin‘s father. The relationship between father/son is important the whole time, whereas it is between Lupin and his Dad or with his son. The books are also now super famous and every kid wants to read them! You can buy all of them online.

Are you not convinced yet? You should really go and watch the trailer. The show is easy to watch, with just 10 episodes in the first season. It is OK to watch it with children and all your family. Grab a blanket and a comfortable position, and let the French landscape amaze you!