My all time favorite conspiracy novels by Dan Brown 

From The Da Vinci Code (2003) to Origin (2017), novels by Dan Brown are filled with history, art, symbolism and culture all covered in facts, but with an entertaining twist painted with deep conspiracies. Do you enjoy conspiracy theories going back to the beginning of mankind? Then look no further!

This is also why the books are – as most will testify to, better than the movies. It’s all the little details. All the small facts that let you sip on the novels like a glass of fine wine. Get lost in Rome, google images of the various churches so you can follow and visualize the plot. Today, I feel like giving you guys some of my thoughts about my three favorite Dan Brown novels.

The first novel I read by Dan Brown was The Da Vinci Code 

Even though The Da Vinci Code is Dan Brown’s second novel, it was the first I read. I was only a teenager, but it had me mesmerized. Along with Professor Langdon, you travel all over Paris and London. Visit the most famous museums and churches in the hunt for the secret behind the Holy Grail.

I needed to see all the famous paintings written about, maybe I could find the secrets myself? Wanna get your own copy, and solve the riddles for yourself? Click here! The page-turner left me wanting more, and luckily, there is.


Craving more to read? Try Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

His first novel, Angels and Demons (2000), takes you to Italy and the Vatican state. A new pope is about to be selected, and this does not run as smoothly as wanted.. Combining the modern world, with the ancient rituals of the Catholic church. The novel is filled with mysteries surrounding architecture, symbology, art, Illuminati and ancient history which will leave you wanting to learn more about everything. Do you prefer to watch mysteries on TV instead? I recommend this show!  

Inferno has more twists and turns than you can imagine. 

Written in 2013, this is the next to the last novel from Dan Brown (at the moment). I never want to give any spoilers, but this is probably the novel that fits best with the time we are living in right now..

Inferno is of course a reference to Dante’s Inferno, Dante’s description of his journey through hell. That is perhaps not the lightest of reading material, but Dan Brown’s Inferno is definitely more fitting to bring to the beach. Rush through Florence, Venice and Istanbul at a high pace. Feel the struggle to turn the pages as fast as you can!

A famous geneticist, Zobrist, may have figured out how to, as he believes, “change the world” – a world suffering from overpopulation. Enjoy, and don’t get too lost in the conspiracies – I dare you!

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