Liane Moriarty a great disovery

Liane Moriarty – a great discovery

A couple of years ago I discovered Liane Moriarty and her amazing books! I am sure that you’ve heard about the hit tv-show Big Little Lies on HBO? It is in fact based on Liane Moriarty‘s book with the same name! If you are into good books you are also going to love her novels! 

Liane Moriarty a great novelist

Liane Moriarty is from Australia and has written 8 novels. I am not going to lie, I have read all of them! I feel like I might spend a bit too much time reading from time to time.. Every time I finish one of her books I get that empty feeling you get after having been a part of something special.  

Liane Moriarty is an expert at creating fascinating characters and has a great way of always surprising you. Her books are never boring and there’s always a twist that you don’t see coming! 

Read more about Liane Moriarty and her wonderful novels here! She also writes children’s books! Great if you have little people in your family! 

Liane Moriarty a great discovery. If you love good books you will lover her. She writes novels with characters that you can relate to.

My favorite Liane Moriarty novels 

The first one of her books that I read was The Husband’s Secret, a New York Times bestseller! It is a beautiful story about a woman who finds a letter written by her husband which starts with My Darling Cecilia, if you’re reading this, then I’ve died… The only problem is that she finds this letter while he is still alive and discovers her husband has a big secret that’ll change her life forever. A page-turner and definitely a must-read!

 My second favorite book is What Alice Forgot. This is a heartwarming story about Alice who suffers an accident that causes memory loss. You get to follow her when discovering that her life is not at all how she remembered it and she has to start all over again. It’s a wonderful book to read and you can’t help but wonder what you would have done in her place. 

The third one is Three Wishes. This is a story about the triplets Gemma, Lyn, and Cat who are in their thirties and struggle with everyday life. They might be triplets but they sure are very different! The feelings and thoughts of the characters are so real that it sometimes feels as though they are my own.  

Get into the spirit 

I can’t recommend Liane Moriarty’s books enough! I think I have told everyone about the novels! My sister and my mum are also hooked now and we are all impatiently waiting for the next one! If you are looking to read books where you feel like you are actually part of the story and where the writing is just perfect and flows easily you are definitely going to love Liane Moriarty as much as I do. Don’t wait any longer! Get a copy of one of her books now! 

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