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I found a new crime novel – join me in Department Q

As you know, I love reading books – especially crime novels! I haven’t read much lately, but I have now found a new crime series to start with! The series is called Department Q and is written by a Danish author; Jussi Adler-Olsen. I’ve read two books so far and they are amazing! 

Department Q & Jussi Adler-Olsen 

Jussi Adler-Olsen is a Danish author, who is famous for his book series about Department Q. He has also written a few novels before he started with Department Q, but now there are 8 novels in that series. The first one came out in 2011 called The Keeper of Lost Causes and then more or less 1 book every year until 2019, where the latest one came out; Victim 2117.

The first four books have also been adapted as movies with the first premiering in 2013 and the 5th one is in production. The movies are great, but there is just still no comparison to the books!It is the same as with Dan Brown, as I have written about earlier. Books are just better than movies!

Department Q is a Danish police department that deals with cold cases. We follow the great homicide detective Carl Mørck, who is a grumpy detective with a lot of traumas to deal with. To begin with, he was the sole employee in Department Q, but later he got a partner Assad and an assistant named Rose. They become quite successful and we then follow their quirky partnership solving cold cases! 

The first book blew me away – a short review of The Keeper of Lost Causes

The Keeper of Lost CausesFirstly. If you don’t want to read spoilers, then read no more! I will reveal the end of the books! The first book in the Department Q series is called Mercy and is about a politician, Merete, who was kidnapped 5 years earlier. Though, before that was revealed she was presumed dead by suicide and the case was closed. 

Carl finds some new leads in the case and after a further thorough investigation, they find her kidnapped. She has been kept in a pressure chamber for all 5 years. Meaning her body would slowly getting used to higher and higher pressure. With the attempt to let it go so high she’ll explode. It’s absolutely horrific! However, Carl Mørck and Assad found her and rescued her before it was too late! I do love happy endings! If you want to purchase it yourself, you can buy it here.

The second book was just as terrifying – review of The Absent One

The Absent OneThe Absent One is about a pair of twins being raped and murdered about 20 years earlier. Carl was approached by their father, who gave Carl a box of different stuff he has been collecting about the case over the years. Carl didn’t want the case at first but changed his mind after the father killed himself after that. 

A suspect actually admitted the murders and was convicted, however some of the leads from their father led Department Q to other suspects. They find out that a potential witness never was interrogated and their search for her begins. Though, apparently, they are not the only ones looking for her. Other people are trying to stop her from sharing her knowledge with the police. Department Q is determined to find out why and who actually killed the teenagers!