I was doing some online shopping at WildXBeauty
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WildXBeauty – Doing some shopping

As I’m stuck in quarantine, I have been doing a bit of shopping to keep myself entertained. I know it’s not the best for my wallet… But I found a webshop with excellent prices and much cheaper than what I’ve seen in other shops. So it’s safe to say that I wanted to benefit from the offer as I was sitting at home browsing the big internet. Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored… That’s my excuse, haha. So that’s why I went shopping at WildXBeauty. I wanna share all of the products I purchased with all of you so that some of you might get inspired. 

Shopping just for fun

Even though I don’t have the best economy at the moment, I was thinking that since I have not been able to travel as I normally would do a couple of times a year, and due to that I have some money that I can spend on stuff that I really want… And that’s how my shopping spree started. I was simply bored at home and wanted some new things. I’m sure there’s more of us out there? Bored in quarantine and wanting something new. It can be dangerous… But the reason why I decided to actually shop at WildXBeauty was their good prices. Very cheap compared to other shops. I noticed that basically all of their products had a discount, which is something that I have to say that I love. 

Finding my new favorite purse at WildXBeauty

I’m pretty girly, and finding a purse to meet all my needs is simply impossible. But, it’s always a plus when I find a purse that’s perfect for everyday use. At WildXBeauty I found my next everyday purse from Trussardi, and I have to say I’m super content. It’s black and classic with small details that give it an extra touch of luxury. Another thing that I find a big plus is that the purse is made of real leather, and the size is simply perfect for what I need when I’m out and about. Another plus is that I have the option to fasten a shoulder strap if I want to, in order to not carry it in my hands only. While I have not done that for now, I can imagine doing that in the future. It’s definitely a must-have accessory for me, among others

My new Trussardi purse

Clicking home some new goodies for my wardrobe

Clothes might not be what I need most of now that I’m basically just staying home in my sweats, but I could not avoid clicking home the following two goodies that I found at WildXBeauty. I got more than 50% off the price on both products, and I have to say that’s a steal for me. The first thing is the cutest top I’ve seen in a while. It’s a cropped top that has a v-opening in the back, and I really adore it. It will both look so cute for everyday looks as well as if I want to dress up a bit more and add on a skirt and some heels. The detail on the back was really what made me go for this top, as that’s not something I’ve seen a lot. It’s definitely something I hope to see more of in the future though.

Not the most necessary purchase

The second thing I purchased was a sporty jacket that I imagine wearing on my walks with my friend. We have started doing social distancing walks in order to see each other and catch up. We follow all of the restrictions and keep our distance, so don’t worry about that. I can assure you that I take the whole pandemic very seriously. Well, the jacket is so cute and the fabric is very light, so that’s why I find it perfect to wear for those occasions. Even though it was not the most necessary purchase I for sure needed it.  

My new top from WildXBeauty

Discovering the makeup selection of WildXBeauty

At first, I actually thought that WildXBeauty only had fashion items, and a huge selection of purses, shoes, and other accessories. It’s safe to say I was wrong. Their makeup selection is actually GREAT. I found a lot of the products I’ve been using religiously, as well as a few new goodies that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Since I anyways got such a satisfying discount, I thought – why not?

WildXBeauty has the Clinique Superprimer

There is a product that I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. My friend is always telling me how that’s her must-have product, even when she wants a really natural look. It’s simply the product that just gives your skin and complexion what it needs without looking like you have a ton of makeup on. And as you might have already understood it’s the Clinique Superprimer. Specifically, the color correcting one. I have some redness naturally in my skin, and it actually gets worse when it’s colder outside. Because of that, I’ve always thought that this product could be the perfect one for me. In general, it’s not a product that I find particularly expensive, but I simply have not gotten to buy it at an earlier time. But now was the time, thanks to WildXBeauty. After testing it a couple of times – well I’m sold. 

Every girl needs a perfect red lipstick

Although I don’t wear red lipstick every day, I still feel like it’s a must in every girl’s makeup bag. I had a really great one several years ago that I for some reason managed to lose at a party… And I’ve always wanted to get another one of those, as it’s the best red lipstick I’ve tried. I’m talking about the Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick. It’s simply amazing. And if you’re not interested in getting a red lipstick I know they have more colors too. It was actually around 60% off as well, so I got it super cheap. Yuuuhuu! And this time I’ll make sure to take way better care of my favorite lipstick. I’m currently contemplating getting it in several colors too, haha. The velvet finish is simply great on my lips and does not get too dry if that makes sense. 

I love red lips

I always feel fresher with a bit of bronzer

Every time I’m checking out a new webshop – like WildXBeauty – I always take a look at which bronzers they have in stock. A good bronzer is essential to my everyday makeup all year round, and it gives me that GLOW that I truly love. One of my all-time favorites is the Clarins Bronzing Duo which contains two bronzing tones that just give the perfect sun-kissed look on my skin. I ordered one of these as I always have it in my makeup bag and I would seriously panic if I one day was empty. Haha. The drama of quarantine. Thankfully, WildXBeauty offered a great price and I almost got half price off, which I consider amazing. Especially since it’s a product I would buy either way. 

Clarins Bronzing Duo

Found a new makeup remover at WildXBeauty

One of the items I simply clicked home out of necessity was the Clarins Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. I emptied my old one the day before my shopping spree at WildXBeauty, and I saw this one. Simple choice as it was mild and cheap. After trying it for a couple of nights, I’m actually thrilled with my purchase. I’m not picky at all when it comes to makeup removers, but it felt good to use a very mild product that still removed all of my mascara after a long day, without me having to use any force. It’s definitely a product I’ll repurchase. Before trying this I have honestly had the mentality that I couldn’t care less which makeup remover I was using, but now I have a new favorite, and I’ll stick with it.

Enjoying the days in the midst of a pandemic

The whole planet is in the midst of a pandemic, and I know that a lot of people are in a worse situation than I… But I have to admit that the pandemic has been rough. And it will continue to be rough. After I decided to really try to enjoy myself even though we are in the worst period of at least my lifetime at the moment, something changed. I ordered these things at WildXBeauty, and I’m using them now – and will use them when the situation is better again. For sure. And it will be better. Hopefully soon.

Finding YOUR way to enjoy yourself

So there’s nothing wrong if you want to have a movie marathon or do some online shopping. In fact, I actually encourage you to buy something new that will give you joy in these difficult times. For me, I found what I wanted at WildXBeauty, and I’m very happy. Maybe that’s a shop for you too, or maybe you’ll find what you want at another one. However, we can get through this together, I’m sure.