Summer fashion for 2020! Bring on the sun!

Finally! The summer is here! Are you ready for fun in the sun, sporting all the new summer fashion for 2020? I am not, but after some summer fashion investigation, I’ve got my eyes set on new trends and shopping! Here are the highlights I found from this year’s new summer trends. 

Look elegant in a long, white, and breezy summer dress. 

This is one of my favorite trends for this summer. So simple, yet effective. But please, stay away from red wine, shaken cans of Coke, or a friendly dog with dirty paws. Therefore, maybe not the most practical outfit, but worth the risk! A dress like this gives off a vibe of effortless beauty. And who doesn’t want that?

Summer fashion for 2020

Turn heads with your neon outfit this summer! 

Neon colors are back in style and are coming to stay this summer. Maybe one of the biggest summer fashion trends for 2020. The fun thing about this style is you can go all in or just dip your toes in the water. Go full-on and wear a complete neon outfit, or simply add a neon detail. Like a stylish belt around your waist, or tie a neon scarf on your handbag. Wanna be extra daring with colors? Why not try a neon bikini! 

Tropical vibes and patterns for the win this summer fashion season! 

Love, love, love! How great isn’t it that this trend is back in the game? Tropical and floral patterns will be everywhere this summer. And I am super excited! Because I can finally wear my floral maxi dress and know I’m trendy again! Can’t wait to just see flowers, leaves, animals, trees, and an explosion of colors all over. Beautiful patterns in feminine silhouettes, you really can’t go wrong with that! I’ve already bought myself a new tropical dress, I just love shopping from this store. So many beautiful outfits. 

Groovy! The ’70s are back! 

Why not bring the summer fashion of 2020 back a few decades? This is gonna be fun! Recently the ’90s have been back in style, and I’m not ready to let that decade go yet, evidently as you can read here. But will still welcome the 70’s with open arms. It’s not long ago that the ’70s was in style, and now its back ones again. Seems like we can’t escape it! To get this style, you can go for the obvious and defining 70’s patterns and colors. Or go for the more discreet option, and use the typical geometrical shapes that were essentials for the 70’s style and fashion. 

70's summer fashion

Feathers in my hair, feathers everywhere!

A fun and easy trend this summer, feathers all over or in the small details. Personally I prefer the latter. A little feather pin in my hair, or as a decoration on my handbag. If you wanna go all out, throw a boa over a simple summer dress. Definitely a certain way to stand out from the crowd. I like how different the trends are this year. From white dresses to neon colors brighter than the summer sun! I love reading about new trends, however, I always try to make them my own, wear them my way. Most importantly, wear what you like.