Fashion trends for spring 2021

Away with bulky winter clothes and hello springtime! I’ve waited for you! Well, maybe the weather hasn’t realized yet that the season is changing, but the fashion trends sure have! This season’s new fashion trends are bold, inspiring, and exciting. Have you already found your new spring favorite? Maybe this list will make you find another one! 

Shoulderpads and the 80s are back as fashion trends!

The 80s are back for full this springtime and I’m happy to see it! You’ll be seeing a lot of oversized and long jackets/blazers with shoulder pads reaching higher up than an 80s hairdo. To keep this style still looking modern, combine the blazer with bicycle shorts or straight/skinny jeans. Looks great with a casual T-shirt and a pair of sneakers. I feel like this is my new springtime favorite because it’s perfect for the ever-changing weather this month often brings. Summer is luckily around the corner, but for now, an extra coat of layer is always practical. 

Sweet like candy with pastel colors!

fashion trends with pastel

I’ve always loved wearing pastels, it gives me a flirty and summerly feeling like no other color combination can. This spring, why not go for an entire outfit in pastel tones? If that feels too much, lovely pastel details are also effective. Tie a scarf to your handbag in lovely pastel green, or go for a pastel blue. One thing that’s for sure is this spring and summer will be overflowing with pastel combinations. We also see that these pastel combinations are with a plain pattern to keep the look sleek and modern. The nude color tones that have been in the last years, thank you Kardashians, are being swapped out with pastels that will make you look sweeter than candy! 

Yellow and camel tones 

Sure, pastel will be everywhere this year, but so will other colors. Another gem this year is the sleek combination of yellow and camel tones that blends perfectly with each other. Aim for a camel-colored long coat or blazer and combine this with a yellow bag or/and a yellow dress. One of the hottest new fashion trends this year is yellow bags in general, small or large. Yellow is an eye-catching color that will make the bag a standout piece regardless of the outfit. But the combination of yellow and camel has a very subtle and elegant flow that will give the entire look an exclusive feel. 

Floral pattern for the spring

Floral design is one of the hottest fashion trends this springtime

I’m always happy to see floral designs during the springtime. Even if this wasn’t one of the fashion trends this spring, I would still be wearing it all the time. Flowers and spring go together like bread and butter. Nothing says spring like being able to wear a dress covered in flowers again. Long flowy dresses covered with floral pattern looks great on anybody and is so comfortable to wear as well. Match the dress with sneakers, converse, or heels for a more elegant look.