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Sheet masks – my newest skincare obsession

As you guys already know, I really am a beauty addict. Recently I’ve started using sheet masks so much more, and it has really upped my skincare level. This is a product I really would recommend for everyone since there’s one for every skin type. 

An easy step to add to the skincare routine

Using a sheet mask is something that I’d say almost cannot be overdone. There are so many different ones, so as long as you use one that will go well with your skin’s needs or your skin type in general, it should not be a problem. I would say that I use a sheet mask about 5 out of 7 days a week. There are full face versions, but also eye patches and lip mask versions. Depending on what I feel the need for, I use it… Often in the morning if my eyes are puffy and I’m going to work, I’ll put on some eye patches after I’ve done my morning skincare routine, and have them on while I eat my breakfast. That’s a little lifehack that has made my life easier, haha. If you want to know some more beauty tips, you can do that here.

Haha, I must say that I look rather funny when I have the mask on! But the result is so great, I don’t even care…

sheet mask for skincare

Give your skin that extra attention it wants

When I use my sheet masks, I feel like I just give it that extra attention that it wants and needs. I love to use a calming mask, preferably one with aloe vera, if I’ve been in the sun for example! Another thing I love is to use one that gives me GLOW before I’m going out or to a special event. If you want to read some more facts about sheet masks, and why you should add them to your skincare routine, press here. After I discovered sheet masks, I must admit that I feel like it’s much easier giving my skin that extra boost. It’s one more step in my skincare routine, but I kinda don’t have to DO anything in the step except wearing a feather-light mask. The sheet mask is soaked in a very concentrated serum that will benefit your skin and go deep into it.

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Perfecting your face in one step

Like you’ve probably understood already, I’m hooked. It’s such an easy step in my skincare routine. I love that you can find masks both for dry skin and oily skin. Furthermore, you can find it for sensitive skin and skin with certain problems. There is something out there for everyone. During winter time I use a lip mask once a week, at least. My lips get so dry, so I really need that infusion of hydration, that I get from the mask. Another little tip that I ALWAYS do, is put my sheet mask in the fridge. The cooling effect that gives you can really calm down swelling, in addition to that it really feels good, combined with the concentrated serum in the mask.

I absolutely advise you to pick up a sheet mask or two, next time you are shopping for beauty products. Take your skincare routine to the next level!