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You all probably know the struggle of being a student. And the struggle is real. Noodles and long nights filled with red bull, coffee, and yellow markers. Sometimes you feel like you want to splurge a bit on yourself, but oh no… the wallet is empty (with moths flying out of it). And here’s the ting, it might sound strange. If I’m going to use what little money I have on clothes and makeup, I don’t want them to be the cheapest things I can find. I’d rather buy something more expensive that I can get on offer. That way at least I feel like what I bought was of high quality, and worth the money spent. Instead of a cheap shirt that will last for one wash. I think it was this thought process that led me to Raging Stars

Paying to know you get quality products from Raging Stars

Here’s the thing that at first made me go like, no this is not for me. I have to pay 49 $, but then – and here’s the kicker, you get all of that back in the form of a monthly gift card! This monthly gift card you can use in the store as you please. This has become somewhat of a monthly ritual for me. A proper relaxing one if I might say so myself. Every month after I receive my gift card I pour myself a glass of wine and put my favorite tv show on in the background. While I scroll through all the amazing products that I’m free to buy. 

Is it an investment? 

Raging Stars an investment

Yeah, I know, it sounds kinda ridiculous calling shopping online every month an investment. But hear me out first! Let’s face the truth, even with little money to spend, I would still spend it! Only I would go shopping and spend it on things I didn’t really need. Sitting down and reflecting over what I’m about to buy, actually helps me chose items that will last and I actually need. And I’m not just saying that to convince myself. I made a promise to myself, that if I’m going to use 49$ every month on shopping at Raging Stars, then I’m not going to go shopping anywhere else. 

That way, I know exactly how much I spend on fashion and beauty products every month and I won’t end up with a big unforeseen surprise. 

Some of the awesome items I have shopped from Raging Stars 

I have been a member of Raging Stars for around 4 months now. I’m so happy with the products I have ordered so far, they have all met the standard I was looking for. I used to get so tired of ordering clothes online, then receiving it and they didn’t look anything like the picture at all! That used to be so annoying. Either the color was wrong or the sizes were way off. It’s not always that I’ve put on some weight, sometimes its the wrong size chart at the website. Just saying! Luckily, I haven’t had any issues with size charts or products not looking like the pictures at Raging Stars. I feel safe when shopping there, knowing it will be delivered on time every time. 

Shopping for the summertime at Raging Stars

I remember before the summer this year, I was feeling kinda down. So much happing in the world, and feeling stuck inside all day. Nothing to do but study, watch Netflix and dream about being able to shop cool things you’ve seen online. I have to say, I loved the summer fashion this year. The best thing about shopping at Raging Stars is that even me, as a student, can afford to shop quality items from (usually) expensive brands at a reasonable price. Finally!
This year’s summer cleaning looked a bit bleak. I was sorting out all my summer clothes, and hiding away my winter wardrobe. That’s when I realized that I had literally nothing to wear. Okay, it wasn’t that bad. But you know the feeling! Looking at your wardrobe and feeling like nothing will fit you or look good on you at all.

I ended up giving a lot of old clothes to charity and keeping the ones that I felt would look good for another summer. Bikinis I had plenty of, so there was no need to worry about that. What I desperately wanted was a new summer dress and new sunglasses. So I went hunting at Raging Stars

Shopping for sunglasses at Raging Stars!

My old sunglasses had scratches all over the glasses, so I needed new ones. Finding a new pair of sunglasses can be hard on its own, but shopping for sunglasses online is a whole other story. You’re not physically able to try them on, so you have to be sure about what type best suits your face. A good tip is to go try on different types of sunglasses and find the style that suits you best. Then you can look for that style online. 

Love shopping

Guide to finding the perfect sunglasses 

If you need some guidance, the best thing you can do is to look at the shape of your face. Are you feeling unsure about what kind of shape your face has, you could ask a friend or look in the mirror. 

If you have a round-shaped face you should not go for round glasses. Try to look for more rectangular shaped sunglasses. 

Do you have more of a diamond-shaped face? Then the best shape of sunglasses would be a cool oval pair with no frames. This will enhance your cheekbones as well! With a pretty diamond-shaped face it’s also a good idea to stay away from sharp lines and frames.

Heart-shaped faces should be staying away from straight lines that go on the top of sunglasses. This could make your face seem elongated. If you have a heart-shaped face you should go for sunglasses with a corner that goes slightly upwards. Almost like the eye of a cat. Meow! 

Find your sunglasses on Raging Stars

Oversized sunglasses looks absolutely fantastic on long and rectangular faces. And what could be better, they are so in style! Just make sure to not wear small sunglasses, think big! (Or just do what you want of course! This is just a guide.) 

Are you rocking a more square-shaped face, go for round or oval sunglasses. This will look amazing I guarantee you! 

Or are you one of the lucky ones to have an oval-shaped face? Good job! Your face will look great with any type of sunglasses! How I wish to have an oval-shaped face, I would probably end up with waaay too many sunglasses. So it might be a good thing that I don’t! 

This summer I splurged on a new pair of sunglasses from Raging Stars 

Myself, I ended up buying a pair of sunglasses from Balmain before this summer. I used my gift card from Raging Stars, and they arrived days later. And I have to say, I’ve been looking stunning in them all summer long! A pretty case came with the sunglasses so I’ve managed to keep them scratch-free as well. Good and ready for summer 2021. 

My favorite outfit to wear in the summer is a summer dress!

I love wearing summer dresses all summer long and continuing for as long as possible into the fall. I actually do have a lot of nice summer dresses in my wardrobe from before. But even as a student, I wanted a new summer dress. At Raging Stars I found this amazing summer dress from Desigual, and I just couldn’t pass on the offer. It was worth the money, I’ve been wearing it so much this summer. And I know the style is absolutely timeless, so I`ll be wearing it for many summers to come!

That is how I like to shop, knowing that what I purchase will be with me for a long time. Years ago, I would just shop whatever I found in stores and not really think about the quality or lifespan of the outfit. Thinking like that is the reason why I’ve had bags and bags over the years, of clothes donated to charity. Not that that isn’t a good thing, of course. But now I think it’s better to focus on clothes that I know I will be cherished for years, like that summer dress from Desigual. 

Shopping from home at Raging Stars

Shopping for the fall season on Raging Stars

Now that summer has gone, it’s time to think about the fall season. Leaves are falling and I was craving a new pair of UGG boots. I know, I know, a lot of people have a lot of different opinions when it comes to UGG boots. And to be frank, my only opinion is that they are sooo comfy. There is no competition. From before I had an old pair of white UGGs, so this time I decided to go for a black pair. And I love them. Wear them around the house all the time, and I actually think they look so cute. I just can’t help it. And I got a new hoodie from Calvin Klein this month. Can’t wait to see all the offers next month when I get my monthly gift card.