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Honest Kiss – A New Exciting Concept 

I’ve discovered something new and very exciting that I wanna share. It’s a new concept in beauty and fashion that I think is revolutionary! I’ll give you an introduction to Honest Kiss and their magical world! I’m sure you’ll be as fascinated as I am.


A fresh concept

It’s not always easy to find new things to offer consumers today. There’s already so much to choose from but Honest Kiss really succeeded! I’ve never heard of anything like this in fashion and beauty before and because I love to try new things I couldn’t help but give it a shot.

Honest Kiss offers fashion, beauty, and accessories at incredibly cheap prices in their shop. Which you can take advantage of if you become a member of their club. And it’s something you really can’t miss, the concept is so simple!

When you first become a member of the Honest Kiss Club, you get to choose a free gift box with nice products that are sent directly to your home, the only thing you pay for is the shipping! You also get a gift card to use on their website. This is exactly their concept – a membership where you get a gift card to shop for every month!

It really is so worth it! At Honest Kiss, you have absolutely no commitment period and the membership can be terminated easily by contacting their customer service. But I am absolutely convinced that you, like me, won’t consider quitting once you’ve become a member! Imagine yourself getting a gift card every month to spend on the products you love! How good is that!

Of course, you can save the gift cards if you don’t use them all at once, they don’t have an expiration date. Sometimes you’re more in the mood to shop than others (who am I kidding, I’m always in the mood). In any case, it’s an opportunity to find the right products, without the stress of spending money.

What can you use the gift cards for?

Fashion and beauty 

Honest Kiss, as the name indicates, has a strong focus on beauty products, makeup, and skincare but also fashion and accessories. There is something for everyone on their website and the prices are incredibly low. This means you’ll get more for your money, much more than at a beauty store.

All the well-known brands are available at Honest Kiss, so you can definitely find your own favorites, but at the same time find new exciting alternatives. Thanks to the gift card and the cheap prices, you can try new products that might otherwise be too expensive! Now you can finally treat yourself to that Chanel lipstick!

When it comes to fashion, there’s a large selection of famous brands again at low prices. Imagine being able to actually buy those Prada pumps you have been dreaming of! It’s possible with Honest Kiss


Other uses for the gift card

Even though they’re mostly focused on beauty and fashion, they also offer other exciting things! I love to read an am always looking for new books to devour and that’s probably one of my favorite things with Honest Kiss. Once you have joined the club and received your gift card, you can use it to get a free months access to e-books on, for example, Kindle! It really is ingenious! I’ve done a few posts before with tips on good books that you can check out if you’d like.


Streaming on Honest Kiss

Other services they offer are streaming sites such as Netflix and HBO but also music and podcasts like Spotify. The best thing is that you don’t have to create a profile or leave your details on each site. At Honest Kiss, you get access for a whole month and can thus test it yourself until you find a service you want to stick with.

If you’re interested in health, you’ll love Honest Kiss because you can use your gift card for a personal trainer! Get expert tips on exercise programs and diets and get in shape properly without apologies. Perfect for getting started with training but also for those who are a little more experienced who want a little variety in their daily routine!

Sometimes you lack a little inspiration for how to dress in your everyday life, for a specific event or if you just want to look absolutely wonderful on your next date, Honest Kiss has the solution for you. Use your gift card for a consultation with a personal stylist. You will receive tips on what suits you and how you can highlight your best features. A little help along the way is never wrong!

Last but not least, Honest Kiss is coming soon and offers you the opportunity to participate in masterclasses where you can learn more about things like how to put on your makeup! I can also imagine that there will be more exciting classes you can participate in.

Charity Program

As you know, I love everything that has to do with sustainability and one area that we all really need to focus on is fashion! Here, the idea is still a lot of wear and tear and many of the garments that we buy end up in the garbage. Really not sustainable in the long run!

Precisely for this reason, I was even more fascinated by Honest Kiss when I found their charity program. Because they offer fashion on their website, they also want to make sure their impact on the environment isn’t too big. If you use your gift card on clothes, when you’re done with them you can give them a new life.

The charity program lets you donate your used items and get money back in the form of a gift card. All you need is a receipt that you have left your items to an organization. Really simple and this way you do both yourself and the environment a really good deed.


My favorites from Honest Kiss 

As you know, I love to try new products and Honest Kiss gave me the chance to do so. I can honestly say that I’ve found so many new favorites! From now on I won’t be shopping my beauty products elsewhere but will stick to Honest Kiss! They’ve actually got an entire page on the shop that explains how the concept works too!

One product I discovered is Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation SPF 15. A perfect, light base for a natural result! I like it best when it doesn’t look too cakey!

Discovery number two is the Carolina Herrera’s perfume Good Girl which smells lovely. Buying perfume on the internet can certainly be a bit tricky. But this one has a really good description so I took a risk and I wasn’t disappointed!

Of course, I can’t forget to mention my new favorite for the lips, the Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balm. Without a doubt the best product I have tried in a long time. Gives proper moisture to the lips with perfect color and is so easy to apply.

Their range even has a mascara that I can’t live without! Clinique High Impact Mascara – gives incredible volume and length to the lashes I love! And I can buy it here at a much cheaper price.

Also tried Clarins Hydra Essential Repairing Lip Balm! Absolutely wonderful for dry and chapped lips – just like new with just a small amount. The lips also get a nice light pink color that makes them irresistible! Another one of my favorites from earlier that I can happily find at Honest Kiss.


Give Honest Kiss a chance

I haven’t, as I mentioned earlier, tested Honest Kiss for too long, but during this time I’ve seen how it works and I’m very impressed. I look forward to continuing to explore the website and thought I’d do a proper review when I’ve had the opportunity to test the charity program as well! It’s going to be really exciting.

I’m also looking forward to testing their masterclasses and hope they start soon, I think it’ll be so much fun to try out!

I really can’t recommend Honest Kiss enough! To sum it all up, it’s a service I haven’t seen before but the concept really is perfect for anyone interested in fashion and beauty. So I really think you should try it out too! You’ve got nothing to lose. Join and discover their magical world too!