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My favorite accessories for the summer

I really love everything pretty. Flowers? YES! Pearls? Well… I’m not saying no to that! I really love accessories and the summer trends bring on some new ones! In this post, I’ll show you guys my favorite accessories at the moment that are perfect for the summer! 

Making your outfit pop

When you combine different accessories with your outfits, you can really transform them! From a plain summer dress to a really bright and colorful outfit. Just add an accessory or two, and it’s as simple as that. It does not have to be very complicated to make your outfit stand out. It can be just a simple bow in your hair or a cute hairband.

You can also make it pop with a piece of jewelry, of course! A lot of times the good old trends come back as well, luckily! For men, I always find it so HOT when they have a masculine watch on… But why not do it yourself as well! Wear a cute watch?! I’m absolutely gonna start doing that, cause it really looks good.

Matching with your makeup to complete the look

Another thing that is super easy doing, is to make your outfit match your makeup. Or the other way around! If you know that you want to wear a yellow dress with some cute flowers, make the makeup fit that. If there are pink flowers on it, use a bit of pink lipgloss or lipstick… Or maybe level up and use some pink eyeshadow.

I promise that it’ll make your look seem so thought out. I always get compliments if I do that… Make your makeup a part of your accessories! 

The next accessories I’ll purchase

Something I honestly just NEED lately to get the complete summer-look is a hat. A HAT?! Yes, a hat. It’s the latest of accessories that you simply need to get the look. If you don’t believe me, read here. I think that if you add a cute hat to a summer dress, you look like taken out from a postcard.

It’s also great to combine it with just a simple pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. When I wear a hat, I don’t want to have a purse that is too big. It’s great with a little cross-body bag that can hold the most important things.

Hats as accessories

Paying attention to what the trendsetters wear

If you’re one of those who are not sure about which accessories to wear, my best advice would be to pay attention to the trendsetters. Instagram and Pinterest are two great social media channels that will fill you up with inspiration both for accessories and fashion in general.

I always follow both models and “normal” influencers that are interested in fashion, and they fill up my feed with both old and new trends. I really learn a lot from them. And why am I not a fashion influencer myself, you might ask? HAHA. I am not gonna go there… I’ll stick to writing on my blog about everything that interests me in general.