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Michael Ginnerskov Jensen: Entrepreneur of the Year?

I have become more and more interested in entrepreneurship. I have a few entrepreneurs I follow closely. One of them is Danish Michael Ginnerskov Jensen, who manages online shopping. Here I write a little about why I also think he is a person that you should follow too! 

I think it is important to orientate ourselves towards the future. I think the increasing digitalization will mean more and more e-commerce. That is why I think it is interesting to follow what is happening on that front. I am also very excited about the future. I believe in big changes that we cannot imagine at all at the moment. 

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen is an interesting example

I am especially interested in seeing what Michael Ginnerskov Jensen does because he is very ambitious. I think that is very important for success. The digital world is operating at a fast pace, and if you want to keep up, you will always have to be one step ahead. It is also very important to keep an eye on trends and how to make them part of one’s business model. Everyone can have good ideas, but those who end up succeeding are those who know how to carry out their plans. It is about having the courage to jump into your ideas, and most importantly to be able to make dreams come true. Execution! 

Furthermore, Michael Ginnerskov Jensen works in beauty and fashion, and that’s something I am really interested in. 

Internet ambitions and the way to it

The digital revolution has given entrepreneurs and other business-minded souls the world over a new world to frolic in. It is both in the form of internet commerce, but also the marketing that goes with it. Social media has provided new opportunities, not only for private individuals but also for companies, such as the companies run by Michael Ginnerskov Jensen. There are both organic and paid methods to spread one’s message to a multitude of users who are hungry for entertainment and inspiration. It’s a big world that makes everything easier. It is easier to hit your target audience and digital marketing can also in many cases be cheaper than traditional marketing. To find the right strategy, you have to test yourself, but fortunately, it is also easy online. And another big advantage: you don’t only have one chance. Editing in digital content is easier than writing on paper! 

Making a deal

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen has what it takes

As I see it, there are 3 important factors that directly presuppose success:

  • Persistence. One can not just believe that one’s concept and plan can succeed without bumps in the road. Instead of giving up, it is important to learn from the challenge, and use that knowledge to improve one’s project. A mistake is only a problem if one does not learn from it. Successful projects almost always have a long way to go. It is not about the perfect plan, but about fine-tuning it along the way, and always striving for improvement.

  • Ambitions. If you cannot think big, you cannot run big businesses either. Therefore, one should not be afraid to have big ambitions. You can still be humble about your success, the most important thing is to believe that you can get all the way to where it gets really cool.

  • Insight. It is also really important to have an understanding of what is moving in the world. Both where trends are heading, but also how they are created. As an entrepreneur, there is a lot to know about everything. Having a curious personality is a great advantage, so you are constantly learning new things, and using this insight in connection with your business. 

Here you can read more about what characterizes a successful entrepreneur. 

These three aspects that I have mentioned characterizes Michael Ginnerskov Jensen and form the basis for why I think he should be the entrepreneur of the year.