Tips for summer makeup

My favorite tips for the best summer makeup!

I just love it when I can feel the days getting warmer and the sun staying up for longer and longer during the evenings. Summer is here. Time for pretty summer dresses, new summer fashion, and summer makeup! Let’s get our summer vibes on! Whether you are going on a vacation this summer or staying at home, you can still mix up your makeup routine. Why not try something new? Here are my favorite tips for the best summer makeup. 

Summer and summer makeup

Have fun in the sun, and explore all the colors with this year’s summer makeup! 

Summer is time for fun! Look around, so many colors all over. The crystal blue ocean, the bright burning sun, the pink umbrellas in fancy summer cocktails. This is the season for vibrant colors. Allow yourself to be creative, play around with colors, and experience with your makeup. Try new eye-catching eye shadows that you normally wouldn’t dare, be brave, and go for it! Personally, this is my favorite eyeshadow palette for the summer! For practical reasons, remember to use waterproof makeup this summer. You don’t want your perfect makeup result to start running away as the temperature rises. 

Leave it for the sun to shine, go for matte makeup this summer! 

I do love myself some shimmer and sparkles, but during the summer it’s best to leave that job for the sun. With the sun reflecting off your shimmer makeup, it’s unfortunately easy to come off looking like a disco ball. If you don’t want that, use matte makeup! Save the glitter and shimmer for the fall or winter season. That’s when we need the sparkling makeup, the sky will be darker and we need more light in our lives. Want to know what to wear to match your new summer makeup? Click here to read all about the summer fashion for 2020! Regardless of what makeup you end up choosing, remember to apply sunscreen first! For now, stay matte and safe! 

Sunscreen and summer makeup

No need for heavy makeup, let’s go back to basic! 

During the winter, I like to “dab, dab, dab, and blend, blend, blend.” Now, after getting some tan, and just feeling like my skin feels better after being in the sun for a while, I don’t feel the need. I really don’t. And that’s coming from somebody who loves her makeup. Still, it feels amazing not to use full coverage on my face. Instead of using a foundation, go for a BB cream or just a concealer for needed areas. Or you can use my personal favorite tip for summer makeup, mixing foundation with your favorite moisturizer. Use oil-free body lotion and mix a small amount of foundation into it, then apply on the face. This will give you a softer look than a full-on foundation would. Because the foundation has been mixed with a moisturizer I feel it gives your face a more beautiful glow.