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Different ways you can use a blush

The blush is such an underrated beauty product. I’ve done some experimenting and have figured out four ways to use the blush, for a gorgeous face. This is a product that I think people forget about sometimes… I’m sure there is at least one of these things that I’ll tell you about, that you haven’t thought about before. 

Classic rosy cheeks

The first and pretty obvious way to use the blush is to use it in your cheeks. Remember to choose a color on the blush that can really accentuate your skin. For some the pink tones are great. For others, it’s peachy tones that’s the winner. If you’re insecure about which color is best for you, check this out. Whichever you choose, all of my tricks with work perfectly. On the picture under here, you can see me putting blush on my friend. For her skin tone, a pink blush is not the best… She needs warmer tones, and she personally loves a peachy one. And I totally agree! She’s gorgeous.

Putting blush on my friend

Using the blush as an eyeshadow

Something that I really love doing, is using the same blush that I have in my cheeks, as an eyeshadow. It really makes the makeup look complete. I always get compliments saying that it looks so thought through when I do that. It’s so easy, and I just dab it easily on the lid. That is something I do if I don’t want a smokey eye look for example, but just want something very natural. It’s so simple!

Being daring with a different eyeliner

A bit of a different thing you can try is to use the blush as an eyeliner. What you do is that you take a thin brush, and you spray it with some setting spray. Then you dip it in the blusher and the product will sit much better when you later paint it on your eyelid. What I prefer is to use it as a wet liner. I have tried using it on the wet line, but that was simply too irritating for my eyes, and they started running. So I will not recommend that…

My favorite blush is this one that you can see on the picture under here… It simply goes great with most skin tones! I love it.

My favorite blush

Put the blush on your lips

The last trick I have on how to use this magical product more is to put it on your lips. If it’s a cream blush you need very little. If it’s a powdered blush you might need a bit more. I dab it on completely natural lips for a light hint of color… But honestly, that fades pretty fast. My favorite thing to do for a more durable result is to dab it on the outside of a creamy lipstick. That can change the color of the lipstick a bit, and give a really nice effect. For more tips on makeup, check out this link.

Hope you liked my tricks for the blush and want to try out some of them!