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IT Entrepreneur Michael Ginnerskov Jensen goes into Beauty & Fashion

I’m always intrigued when I hear about developments in the beauty and fashion industry. As you all know by now, I am very interested in everything when it comes to beauty trends, makeup, skincare, the latest fashion trends, and more. When I heard that the brain behind a really cool beauty and fashion concept was an IT Entrepreneur, I was intrigued. Who is this Michael Ginnerskov Jensen, and what is he doing in beauty and fashion?

An online store with a new concept

I love to try new products, both when it comes to makeup and skincare. The only thing I’ve really been missing is to be able to find all my favorite products in one place. Michael Ginnerskov Jensen is making this possible, and I am very excited about it. His online store contains both beauty and fashion items from high-end brands. As quality is something that is very important to me, I see this as a big plus.

Shopping in the online store of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen

All the best brands in one place

Being able to find both my favorite perfume and my favorite brands when it comes to fashion, in one place, makes me very happy. In addition to that, I found all of my makeup favorites that I use on a daily basis in the online store, and I know I’ll be heading there when I need a refill in my makeup bag. When it comes to products that I put on my skin, I am extremely concerned about it being of high quality. Seeing that the brands Michael Ginnerskov Jensen is working with are just that, high-quality brands, make me very intrigued.

My favorite perfumes

Unexpected to see an IT Entrepreneur like Michael Ginnerskov Jensen in the beauty and fashion industry

I always expect the people that go into beauty and fashion to be people that are very IN that world themselves. Starting an online store selling products that you don’t use yourself is something that I think would be hard to do. But of course, I must admit that I’ve already seen the great choices the online store has for men as well.

So I guess Michael Ginnerskov Jensen can use some of the products there. And there is nothing wrong with men being interested in fashion. I personally see that as a big plus. What surprised me is that he has an IT background. But I guess that is why the online shopping business is something that is perfect.

Why I prefer online shopping

Honestly, online shopping has always been my favorite. I prefer it much more than going to a physical store. Not only do I save time, but I also avoid a lot of unnecessary purchases. In addition to that, I think it’s much easier to get an overview of everything when I find it online. And if you’re not convinced by me, on why online shopping simply is the best…

You can read even more reasons here. I will be checking out the online store of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen when I need to fill up my makeup bag. I find it interesting how he has succeeded in having such high-quality products from many categories, all in one place.

Skincare products

Easier and faster

Personally, I just find it so much easier to be able to find everything in one place. It might be just me, but I honestly don’t think so. That is the reason why I really like the idea of Michael Ginnerskov Jensen and his online concept where you can find everything in one place.

I think we have so many different online stores that focus more on just one thing. And that is probably all good as well… But for me as a consumer, it’s just easier to find everything in one place.

Safe delivery at home

In addition to that, I know that by ordering from there I will get it all delivered at home. Be it my favorite perfume or a new jacket perfect for fall. It feels very great to get that level of service. I think the idea of an IT Entrepreneur to enter into the beauty and fashion industry is very smart. Michael Ginnerskov Jensen already knows the tech world and can create an online universe that optimizes the shopping experience.