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My experience with Honest Kiss – A guest post

Hello everyone! I am Jessica’s bestie Lynn. I don’t have my own blog, but I always thought it seemed so fun to be able to share experiences and recommendations with readers… But honestly, I don’t have the time to “commit” to having my own blog. Jessica told me that you all loved to read about her experience with Honest Kiss, so I thought I’d share mine. I asked Jessica to guest post on her blog, and well – she’s my best friend so she of course said YES. So today I will share my experience with Honest Kiss with all of you

Honest Kiss – what is it really?

Some of you might know of Honest Kiss from before, especially if you already read Jessica’s post about it. If you haven’t done that yet, you can read it by pressing here. I discovered Honest Kiss through Jessica who recommended that I’d become a member. After hearing everything she had to say about the concept I was positive and wanted to give it a chance. To explain it easily – it’s a website that offers a lot of great products within fashion and beauty for both men and women. Even though I trust the opinion of my bestie, I always think it’s important to form your own opinion in regards to things. Not just go with the flow. Because of that, I went to the Honest Kiss website to investigate a bit. 

A positive first impression

I was very happy to see that Honest Kiss has a big selection of products both for men and women. It’s not uncommon to see that a website focuses more on either men or women, but I didn’t get that impression when I first checked out Honest Kiss. They have a lot of different cosmetic products like a ton of lovely perfumes, skincare products, and makeup. Love! In addition to that, their selection of fashion items like different clothes, purses, shoes, and accessories is great in all categories. For me the best of all is the fact that the prices are reduced up to 70%. And this is on well-known brands that we all love. Did anyone say, Armani? Prada? Dior? They have products from a lot of brands that I really enjoy. And as a club member, you apparently get access to a selection of even more exclusive products and services, which are all saved under a tab for members only. 

The Honest Kiss website

My experience with the Honest Kiss Club

After hearing what Jessica said and then later checking out the website, I decided to join the Honest Kiss Club. I knew that I had to claim my free welcome gift box within 14 days in order to get it, so that’s what I did. Thanks to Jessica I already knew that and wasn’t hesitant in regards to fixing these things… I have to say that if I hadn’t known I might have acted a bit slower, haha. Typical me. 

Claiming my Gift Box

To be able to get my free gift box, I first had to verify that I hadn’t gotten one at an earlier time. Also, I needed to prove that I was at least 18 years old. None of that was a problem, and it was easy to upload. Of course – as I assume you all know it’s important to never share any sensitive details online, and because of that, I made sure to cover up all the details that weren’t needed. Basically just showing my date of birth and my address. Approximately 24 hours later, I got a message saying that my gift card code was activated, and I could now order my gift box.

The Gift Box that I ended up choosing

I ended up ordering the Clinique Gift Box, as it’s a brand that I really love. I wanted to make sure that I did everything correctly, so I sent an email to customer service ( to get assistance. They answered quickly and were very helpful. After paying only for the shipping, my Honest Kiss Gift Box was on its way. I received it about a week later! 

My bathroom shelf

Honest Kiss – the membership

When you become a member of the club, you agree that you’ll be charged a set amount of money each month, and then get that amount as a gift card. That gift card is possible to use in the Club section of the Honest Kiss website. That’s where you find the most exclusive clothes, shoes, accessories, perfumes, and products in general. I also found out that if I buy something there and then I don’t want it anymore when 6 months have passed… I can donate it to a charity and get my money back from Honest Kiss. Remember to keep proof that you actually donated it, cause you need that in order to get your refund. Quite genius if you ask me! I am a big fan of buying vintage, so being able to contribute feels good. Another plus is that you can choose the charity yourself. They also have personalized services like a personal stylist and a personal trainer. At the moment that’s not something I need, but maybe for the future. 

The donation program of Honest Kiss

And what if I don’t want to be a member anymore?

I thought it was worth mentioning that it’s possible to leave the club at any time. They have no specific commitment period, so even if you order the free gift box and then decide that it’s not for you, you are free to leave. I personally have now been a member for a couple of months, and I’m still happy. Something I see as a huge plus is that I have the opportunity to leave the club the moment I feel like I don’t want to be a member anymore, or if my economic situation can’t permit me to be a member. The way to do it is just by sending an email to customer service, and they will help you out. That’s what they informed me when I was emailing them my questions. 

My free Clinique Gift Box from Honest Kiss

As you already know I ordered the Clinique Gift Box, as I really love their products. I received 5 great products, that I’ve used a lot since I got them. I’ll tell you a bit about them all just so that you can get a closer peek at the products that Honest Kiss sent me. I have to say that I chose these products myself. I could choose between approximately 20 products, and that felt great. It was so personalized since I could decide the details myself. Sooo, I don’t know if these are the products that YOU’LL go for, but the selection is great so I’m sure you’ll find the perfect products for you. 

My Gift Box

A deep-dive into the products I got in my Honest Kiss Gift Box

When it came to choosing the products, I went for a mix of skincare products and makeup. The first product I chose was the Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment. It’s honestly so amazing for my lips. Thanks to this product I don’t suffer from chapped lips anymore. If you haven’t tried it yet, that’s one of my absolute recommendations to everyone! The second product I chose for my Honest Kiss Gift Box was the Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3. It’s a toner that basically is the second step of my skincare routine. After cleansing, I use this product on a cotton pad and just swipe it over my face to make sure it’s properly cleaned. Just a little tip, I chose the number 3 based on my skin type, but it might be that another number is correct for you. 

My makeup choices

I had to try the Clinique Quickliner as I am currently hooked on using lip liner for a more durable makeup look. I ordered a nude color so that I can use it on all occasions. It hasn’t disappointed me. Another makeup product that I chose for my Honest Kiss Gift Box was my favorite mascara. The Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara is truly amazing if you like volume, and it’s my go-to. 

Clinique iD

My last choice was the Active Cartridge Concentrate for Fatigue from the Clinique iD program. I already have a base for my Clinique iD that I got as a gift from my cousin, but I needed a concentrate to combine with it. Just a tip in regards to the Clinique iD. It’s possible to build your own, so I would really take a look at all the choices before you decide which one is the correct one for you, as there are so many options. I went for the concentrate that is supposed to give a lot of glow and energize the skin. After using the product for a week I really felt like I noticed a big difference in my skin. Actually got a couple of compliments for my glow. 

Me doing my skincare routine

Share your opinion!

One of the reasons why I wanted to write this guest post on Jessica’s blog was that I think it’s very important to share your opinion and experience. I know that Jessica had already posted about Honest Kiss but I thought it could be cool to be able to read about more experiences, and not just hers. I think it’s fun to read about other people’s experiences, so if you have any you can share them in the comments, and then I’ll be able to read them.

My final thoughts

Receiving the free gift box was really fun, especially considering that I love the products. I’d definitely recommend that if the club is interesting for you, that you’ll take a look. If you want to check out the website – I’ll put a link to the website so that it’s easier for you to take a look at Honest Kiss. And as I mentioned earlier, it’s easy to leave the club if you change your mind. So why not check it out? I hope you all liked my guest post. Thanks to Jessica for letting me post on her blog. I had fun! Maybe I’ll have my own blog in the future… Let’s see. For now, I don’t think so but never say never.

Love from Lynn!